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An extremely persistent problem: Life gave me lemons
Dear highly respected members of Singularity, Elitezone and visitors!

I have an extremely presistent problem: life gave me lemons to make lemon juice (Yes, I'm quoting Cave Johnson the CEO of AP Science from Portal 2).

I would like to explain what exactly I'm talking about. Yesterday (16th August 2012) at the time between 21:00 (9PM) and 23:00 (11PM) I've made a few changes to my FreeDNS accounts. I added a new domain on my first account and pointed it to a small box I got from Hostigation. Not more than 1 hour later the account was locked and the domains I had on it were nullrouted. I lost (it "was" the main domain for my shared cPanel hosting account at Supremebytes) and the domain I pointed to my new low-end box from Hostigation. After I noticed that something was wrong with the domain I went to FreeDNS but my account was already locked. They told me nothing else than "Account closed..." as the reason. I thought to myself: "Well, I still have my second account". So I went to FreeDNS and signed into my second account. Added a new domain for the low-end box and signed out. Less than 15 minutes later there was something wrong with the domains, and the domain I pointed to the low-end box. Elitezone didn't resolve properly (pretty much nullrouted) and and the other domain were nullrouted. I went back to the computer and signed into FreeDNS and my second account was locked. This time I lost two very important domains. The domain of Elitezone and the domain of my own blog. Again the only thing they left for me was "Account closed..." as the reason.

The domains are lost forever and FreeDNS is not cooperating with me. I have one account left which has the old Singularity domain. When FreeDNS will lock this account I will also lose this domain. I'm desperate and out of clue what to do. As always I'm alone with the problems. As always I will have all the double trouble. It is risky to login into my last account as the chance is very high that I will also lose it. I will never start a page on the Internet again. However I will try to find a solution to bring Elitezone back until the owners bought a real domain.

R.I.P my blog.

Well, maybe somewhy they don't like your "low-end box" maybe try contacting them and hang on, that's all I can say

[Image: shnngtrnssml.png]
Why should they somewhy they don't like my "low-end box"? It is currently pretty much empty. No web server or anything else than Debian 6 is installed on it.

Low-end box specs:
Quote:Disk space: 10GB
Bandwidth: 500GB
Dedicated RAM: 128MB
Burst RAM: 256MB
IP Addresses: 1 IPv4 and at least 1 IPv6
Control Panel: SolusVM
Location: Charlotte, NC (US)

FreeDNS is not cooperating. I contacted them and they are refusing to give support so say anything else than "We refuse to answer to your mails".
Can't you host the page on the game servers? Cry
I think you don't understand what the problem is.

I lost the domains forever not the webspace or servers (I have plenty of servers to host websites on).
(08-18-2012, 10:25 AM)Serial Thrilla Wrote:  I think you don't understand what the problem is.

I lost the domains forever not the webspace or servers (I have plenty of servers to host websites on).
Oh, I understood wrong
since you still have your content, you could post it on sin, or maybe we could setup a subdomain. we'll talk about that when im back home
[Image: Singularity_admin1.gif]
Would you mind if I take
take it! sounds cool!
[Image: Singularity_admin1.gif]
Thank you rAzoR8.

I will put the blog online at soon.


It is back online at
Any news on EliteZone ?

[Image: uHKeG.gif]
[Image: F75Jt.gif]

The founders decided to put it on ice for now because they plan a lot of huge changes.
I see ok Smile I hope it gets back up soon.

[Image: uHKeG.gif]
[Image: F75Jt.gif]

It will be back but with another domain, another server and a lot of others things according to the founders.

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